When I was a kid, the most stranger thing happened to me is that I seemed to have so many classmates, friends,teachers,even my parents,but when it came , I found no one I can talk to. And the only way I could express myself is pretending my grandma living in the moon, then all I needed to do is looking up and telling her everything.
So in my childhood, the most precious secrets, they all are in the moon and my grandma’s phantom that I used to imagine.


Spring not only brings people vigor and vitality , but also gives us new hopes and new beginnings . In this spring and this place in the picture , I felt fresh and peaceful. I finally can escape from the very noisy city,the high buildings ,the computer, the data and the complicated relationship etc. It just purify our souls with peace ,and suddenly all beings are quiet.

Sunset always give people an emotional loneliness,when people watch the sunset, they just can’t help but think of something emotional. Some single persons, whether you’re in the same places with me seeing the sunset or you’re in the other side watching the sunrise? But you’re still waiting for me to meet,right?
Some couples, time is passing, but we’re still hoping we’ll seeing this beautiful sight together forever,no matter what happen, no matter how old we are, just together .
Some olds ,thinking the old time, happiness, sadness, regretness......but interrupted by a very youngest little child, what’s the beautiful scenery called, grand?
It’s sunset. The olds answer with a smile. (留白液和胶带实在太粘了,把我纸都撕破了😭😭😭)